Association for the Environmental Protection of Pafos

PO box: 320                                                                 Contact person

8102   Pafos

                                                                                    Tel.: 06-233656

Association for the Protection and Nursing of the Bird-fauna

Sergiou Simeonidi 12                                                   Contact person

2416   Eggomi                                                              Sergio Simeonidi

                                                                                    Tel.: 805528

Association for the Protection of the Cypriot Environment

PO box: 3810                                                               Contact person

1686   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 05-358632

Association for the Protection of Wildlife

PO box: 24281                                                             Contact person

1703   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 457990

Federation of the Environmental and Ecological Movements of


Liperti 4, Aglantzia                                                       Contact person

2121   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 511397

Forest-loving Association of Cyprus

Forest Department                                                      Contact person

1414   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 303293

Friends of Akama

PO box: 5204                                                               Contact person

1307   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 780839

Friends of the Earth

Maroni, Larnaka or PO box: 3411, Lemesos                Contact person


                                                                                    Tel.: 05-347042

Green Committee for the Cleanliness of Pafos

Pigmalionos 11                                                            Contact person

PO Box: 80461   Pafos

                                                                                    Tel.: 06-237218

Greenpeace (Mediterranean)

Odos Enoseos 23                                                        Contact person

PO box: 53729, 3317   Lemesos

                                                                                    Tel.: 05-345051

Larnaka and Ammochostos Association for the Protection of

Animals and Birds

Grigori Afxentiou 35. Pol. Ag. Elenis, Kat. No. 2            Contact person

6021   Larnaka

                                                                                    Tel.: 04-621034

Mountaineer Nature-loving Federation of Lemesos and the

Lemesos Committee for the Natural Environment

Riga Feraiou 53 PO box:34                                          Contact person

3600   Lemesos

                                                                                    Tel.: 05-363956

Nature-loving Cultural Federation of Pafos

PO box: 134                                                                 Contact person

8125   Pafos                                                                Andreas Sotiriadis

                                                                                    Tel.: 06-232605 or 06-232107

The Cultural Environmental Federation of Chloraka

Leoforos Eleftherias 77                                                Contact person

8220   Chloraka                                                           Marios Neokleous

                                                                                    Tel.: 02-305021

The Ecological Movement of Cyprus

PO box: 29682                                                             Contact person

1722   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 770008

The Ecological Movement of Pafos

Alexandrou Papagou 61                                              Contact person


                                                                                    Tel.: 06-237670

The Environmental Movement of Cyprus

Trapezountas 18                                                         Contact person

2040   Lefkosia

                                                                                    Tel.: 675964

The European Environmental Movement

Peiraios 22                                                                   Contact person


                                                                                    Tel.: 06-244471

The Excursions Association “Outdoor Life” of Ammochostos and

the Committee of Ammochostos’ Natural Environment

11 Ieremia                                                                   Contact person

3083   Lemesos

                                                                                    Tel.: 05-333442

The Green Movement “Green Echo”

Agiou Andreou 259                                                      Contact person

3036   Lemesos

                                                                                    Tel.: 05-369595

The Herpetological Association of Cyprus

PO box: 1435                                                               Contact person

8134   Pafos

                                                                                    Tel.: 06-232887

The Larnaka Committee of Environmental Protection and


PO Box: 348                                                                 Contact person

6303   Larnaka                                                            Panagiotis Sardos

                                                                                    Tel.: 04-655538

The Ornithological Association of Cyprus

Kanari 4                                                                       Contact person

2059   Strovolos

                                                                                    Tel.: 420703

The Pan-Cypriot Environmental Movement “HARMONIZATION”

PO box: 53364                                                             Contact person

3302   Lemesos

                                                                                    Tel.: 05-336904