Ministry For Agriculture, Food and Forests

Forest Management and Conservation

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 3144020

Division Supervisor: Ilie Sarbu

                                       Completion date of form:     20/3/2001

Ecological Forest Management

Head Of Section: Gheorghe Paslaru

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 24, Bd. Carol I, Sector 3

Phones:  +40 1 3112277  Fax:  +40 1 3112278



Development of policies and strategies for rural areas

Elaborating agricultural policies

Elaborating forest management strategies

Food quality control

Coordinating aquacultural processes

Implementation of Program SAPARD as the main EU instrument to support the process of re-adherare in the field of agriculture.

The European Commission approved the National Plan for Agriculture and Rural Development for Romania (PNADR), called Sapard Plan.

The measures include:

The improvement of arable and fish processing and marketing;

The development of rural infrastructure, including water supply and sewage systems; Aforestation;

Water resources management for agricultural sector.

            Ministry for Development and Forecast

Development Regional Strategies

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 3100791

Division Supervisor: Mihai David

                                       Completion date of form:     16/3/2001

Development Strategies

Head Of Section: Mircea Panaite

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 1, Piata Victoriei, Sector 1

Phones:  +40 1 4106450  Fax:  +40 1 4107054



The ministry for development and prognosis has the responsibility to directly elaborate the National Plan for Development, the macroeconomic analysis and prognosis, the strategies for economic development MDP, together with the European Union Delegation in Romania, has the role to monitor the correctness of the tender activities for international projects. Also, MDO has the role to monitor, together with the Regional Development Agency, the implementation of projects finances by PHARE funds.

            Ministry for European Integration

Directorate for the Co-ordination of Development Programmes

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 2302071

Division Supervisor: Hildegard Carola Puwak

                                       Completion date of form:     17/3/2001

Directorate for Negotiations, Evaluation and Analysis

Head Of Section: Andrei Popescu

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 17, Apolodor, Sector 5

Phones:  +40 1 3011463  Fax:  +40 1 3368526



The Ministry of European Integration, a newly created institution, is organised and functions according to Government Resolution no.14/04.01.2001, covering, by its structure, the whole range of problems related to the accession process, ensuring the necessary coherence by coordinating all the actions taken in the preparation of membership in  the European Union (EU), by close collaboration with all the involved ministries and institutions.

Through its organization, the Ministry of European Integration  promotes and pursues both the approximation of the national  legislation and its degree of compliance with the Community regulations, and the coordination of the economic transformations  and of institutional building in the preparation  of accession, in accordance with the  programming instruments requested by the European Commission.

            Ministry for Health and Family

European Integration

Telephone Exchange: +4013141526

Division Supervisor: Daniela Bartos

                                       Completion date of form:     22/3/2001

Environmental Health

Head Of Section: Ionut Bazac

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 71341

Address: Piata Presei Libere Nr.1, Sect. 1

Phones:  +4013137051  Fax:  +4013137574



Coordinating role in health issues;

Elaborating health protection policies;

Development guidelines for drinking water quality;

Implementation and control of sanitary norms

Collaborating with environmental authorities on environmental health issues

Coordinating role on development and implementation of the social protection norms for population

            Ministry for Industry and Resources

Dan Ioan Popescu

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 6505020

Division Supervisor: Mihai Berinde

                                       Completion date of form:     18/3/2001

Environmental Protection

Head Of Section: Cristina Ioan

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 152, Calea Victoriei, Sector 1

Phones:  +40 1 6597424  Fax:  +40 1 3122850



Development of industrial strategies and policies;

Coordination of industrial activities

Waste control and management;

Industrial pollution control

Cooperation with environmental authorities for pollution controlactive role in the EU integration process

            Ministry for Privatization and State Participation Administration

Guidance, Portofolio & Marketing Division

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 303 6301

Division Supervisor: Ovidiu Tiberiu Musetescu

                                       Completion date of form:     15/3/2001

Environmental Requirements for Privatisation

Head Of Section: Iacob Zelenco

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 70003

Address: 18-20 Lipscani Street,

Phones:  +40 1 303 6302  Fax:  +40 1 3101687




The Authority for Privatization is a specialized authority who carries out the Government strategy regarding the privatization process and development of the economy private sector. The objectives include the insuring of a modern and efficient environment to inform, promote, develop and substantiate the relations with the prospective investors, individuals or corporate, Romanian or foreign.

The Authority for Privatization specialized personnel can supply basic information with respect to the Romanian companies to be privatized, within a large range of activities, such as:

        Metallurgy, oil processing, chemistry, machine and equipment building, pulp and paper, and other industries;

        Agriculture and food processing;

        Banking and insurance companies;

        Electric and thermal power, utilities (gas, water);

        Tourism and trade;

        R&D, IT


        Transportation and storing.

            Ministry for Public Works, Transport and Housing


Telephone Exchange: +4013130330

Division Supervisor: Miron Tudor Mitrea

                                       Completion date of form:     22/3/2001

Urban Planning

Head Of Section: Tudor Florescu

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 17, Apolodor

Phones:  +4012233777  Fax:  +4012231485



This Ministry is the main coordinator of the public works developed on the country territory. The general tasks of this ministry are as follows:

-elaboration of laws related to territorial planning and development;

-enforcement and control of laws in this field;

-elaboration of strategies for regional development;

-delivering of permits and licences for land use and constructions;

-approval of development plans for dwelling areas;

-financing of public works by national budget.

In the field of waste management, the ministry has obligations, related to sanitation of dwelling

areas such as:

-offering legal, technical and managerial assistance;

-delivering permits for construction of municipal disposal sites and other waste management


-developing research projects in the field of urban waste management.

            Ministry of Education and Research

Telephone Exchange: +401613.3315

Division Supervisor: Ecaterina Andronescu

                                       Completion date of form:     21/4/2001

High Education and European Integration

Head of Section: Radu Mircea Damian

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 70738

Address:  28-30 Gen. Berthelot, Sector 1

Phones:  +401 613.3315  Fax:  +401 312.4719




Ministry of Education and Research represents the central national authority in charge with the elaboration, application, monitoring and evaluation of the policies in the fields of research-development and innovations, policies which contribute to the development of the respective activities and their integration in the international scientific and technical circuit, with

the purpose to enlarge the national scientific and technical patrimony, to the increase of the contribution and efficiency of the domains for the improvement of the economic competitiveness and the insurance of the rapid and sustainable economic and social development.

The activities also include the research- development for the EU integration.

The implementation, for example, of the program RELANSIN, contributed to the creation and development of the technological parks, centers of innovations and business (BIC/TIC), centers of technological transfer, centers of technological information, centers for environmental protection, etc.

            Ministry of Public Finance

Budget and Public Account

Telephone Exchange: +40 14103400

Division Supervisor: Mihai Nicolae Tanasescu

                                       Completion date of form:     6/3/2001

Office of the Competition

Head of Section:  Nicu Tanase

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 70663

Address: 17 Apolodor Street

Phones:  +40 14103550  Fax:  +40 13122077

E-mail: presa@mail.



The role of the Ministry of Public Finance is to collect and manage the public financial resources, by a complex system of budgets: the state budget, the state social security budget, the local budgets, the special funds budgets, the state treasury budget and the budgets of other autonomous public institutions.

This activity is performed according to the law, securing the budget balance and implementing the financial policy of the state. The formulation and execution of the budget is based on the principles of uniqueness, universality, equilibrium, reality, annualization and publicity.

In order to accomplish its role, the Ministry of Finance ensures the collection of the revenues stipulated in the budget, in cash and by means of accounts, and performs the treasury operations regarding the government borrowings.

The main directions for using public funds are aimed at: the social sector (education, health, social care and security, culture, arts, youth and sports, environment recovery and protection); supporting research programs; the economic sector (investments and other economic activities of public interest, subsidies, facilities, etc.); national defense, public order and national safety; central and local public administration; the interests related to the public debt and the expenditures related to issuing and selling securities.

            Ministry of Water and Environmental Protection

Environmental Department

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 4100243

Division Supervisor: Ioan Jelev

                                       Completion date of form:     15/3/2001

General Directorate for Environmental Regulations, Permitting

Head Of Section: George Pretorian

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 12, Libertatii, Sector 5

Phones:  + 40 1 4100215/2104  Fax:  + 40 1 3122599




Elaboration of environmental strategies and policies at both national and local level;

Development of guidelines for compliance and enforcement;

Integrated pollution control;

Nature conservation;

Implementation of international and bilateral conventions and agreements;

Active role in EU accession process

Introduction of economic instruments to control environmental pollution (air, ater, soil)

Developing wastes control and disposal legislation

European Integration Department

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 4100219

Division Supervisor: Petru Lificiu

                                       Completion date of form:     16/3/2001

Directorate for International Programs and Projects

Head Of Section: Liliana Bara

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 12, Libertatii, Sector 5

Phones:  +40 1 3122507  Fax:  +40 1 3122507




Performing tasks related to the EU integration;

Support given to the implementation of international conventions;

Coordinating accession process at the national level in terms of environmental protection

National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 4100572

Division Supervisor: Leonida Lucian Biro

                                       Completion date of form:     16/3/2001

Nuclear Activities Permiting

Head Of Section: Simion Ghilea

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 12, Libertatii, Sector 5

Phones:  +40 1 4100572  Fax:  +40 1 3373887

E-Mail: Lucian.Biro@Cncan.Ro



Nuclear activities coordination;

Safety analysis;

Review nuclear safety environmental and integration with international practices;

Coordination regulatory nuclear activities

In order to amend Article 8 of Law 111/1996 on the safe deployment of nuclear activities republished, CNCAN initiated a draft law for licensing the private medical consulting rooms, which use radioactive sources. This draft law was approved by the two chambers of the Parliament and will be submitted to the Romanian President for promulgation.

Water Department

Telephone Exchange: +40 1 4102407

Division Supervisor: Florin Stadiu

                                       Completion date of form:     15/3/2001

General Directorate For Water Management

Head Of Section: Gheorghe Constantin

City: Bucharest   Postal Code: 7000

Address: 12, Libertatii, Sector 5

Phones:  +40 1 4105386  Fax:  +40 1 4102032

E-Mail: Dga@Mappm.Ro



Development of water management strategy, legislation, policies and regulations;

Validating and promoting measures for water resources protection, conservation and management

Coordination of EU legal harmonization;

Implementation of water bilateral conventions;

Control and inspection of water pollution;

Preparation and management of policy initiatives and administrative processes for the regulated

use of water resources through a system of permits;

Elaboration of methodologies for water management framework schemes;

Strategic planning, including water management schemes for each river basin and coordination regarding all aspects of water management including integration of individual river basin plans into national programs;

Preparation of legislation and policy regarding determination of the magnitude and structure of fees and fines;

Allocation and management of national budgetary resources for water management;

Provision of guides and technical assistance to other institutions;

Control and monitoring of compliance with national standards, policies and regulation concerning water management;

Coordination of international cooperation and mechanisms at international or regional levels to facilitate integrated water resources development and management of transboundary water resources;

Up-dating legislation in the field of water to meet standards set by the European Union Directives.