Ministries of Republican Government

Belgrade, Ministry for agriculture, forestry and water supply

Veterinary division

Telephone Exchange: +38111 3616-580

Division Supervisor: Ilic Slobodan

                        Completion date of form:                        20/1/2001

City: Belgrade   Postal Code: 11000

Address: Nemanjina 22-26

Phones:  +38111 3616-580  Fax:  +38111 3616-580


Prevention, suppression and extermination of virulent diseases according to Law of health protection of animals and other activities enclosed by this law

Belgrade, Ministry of city planning and construction, Republic level

Sector for city planning and spatial planning

Telephone Exchange: +38111 3245-553

                        Completion date of form:                        25/1/2001

City: Belgrade

Address: Kralja Milutina 10a

Phones:  +38111 3243-197  Fax:  +38111 3240-268


1. Control of measures and condition for environment protection in plans of city planning

2. Publishing of urban and constructions permissions

Novi Sad, Executive council of autonomous province of Vojvodina

Provincial Secretary for economy

Telephone Exchange: +38121 56-101, 56-054

Division Supervisor: Stevo Bobic

                        Completion date of form:                        31/1/2001

Department for environment protection

Head of Section: Hristina Radovanovic-Jovin

City: Novi Sad   Postal Code: 21000

Address: Bul. Mihaila Pupina 16

Phones:  +38121 56-238  Fax:  +38121 57-737

E-mail: hradovan@eunet.yu,


1. Environment protection in the Vojvodina region (collecting data and creating inventory pollution databases, expert analysis on the state of environment, recommendation of measures and actions)

2. Nature conservation/preservation in the Vojvodina region, collecting data, expert analysis on the state and recommendation of measures for protection of more than 200 natural assets

3. Cooperation in the field with responsible national and republican government bodies, experts, scientific, educational institutions and organizations and managers/owners of protected natural sites.