Society of Young Researchers "Cucuge", Ub

Date of interview: 3/11/2000

I. Identity of Organisation


Ub Postal Code  14210 Street:  Cede Todorovica bb and Cucuge, Pambukovica

Tel. +38114 41-311, 41-265, +38111 475-569 Fax +38114 41-815

Contact persons: Molovic Slobodan, Pavlovic Bogoljub Tel. +38114 41-815, 481-438 and 41-311, 483-038 Speaks:


Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 1988


Education young people in science and research work, environment protection, archeology, ethnology, ecology and history


Members and Friends

With voting right: 50Number of members/friends of whom have paid their membership fee: 35

Material Substructure

Office: Guest, Operating days: 14-20,  Operating hours: 14-20

The organisation has access to personal computer and it is mainly uses it for unusable

There are databases in Paper Structure

Activities Hall: small hall

Vehicles: Rent-a-car

Administrative board

Trindic Dragoljub                                         fonder

Pavlovic Bogoljub                                        secretary

Milosevic Jevrem                                         member

Arsenovic Ana                                            member

Ninkovic Suzana                                         member

II. Activities

General Issue: Protection, conservation and restoration of the landscape - natural


Issue-Topic: Arrangement and protection of complex "Vodenice" in town Cucuga

From    To                                                      Issues-Topic Range       Local

Activities - Resaults:

Organized campaign for cleaning and arranging of village water mills and springs and for planting of the trees.

Organized action for protection against the pollution (solid waste, polluted water and similar)

Improved public awareness and accepted local regulations which resulted in less polluting and cleaner and healthier

environment (new plants, organized collection of waste)

III. Source of Information

Source of information: By Institution

Subject: Environment education

Time period                                       Frequency                                       Initiative          Satisfaction level

1/1998-                                           temporally                                         Ours                    Low

Future plans

Establishing collaboration with REC and Ministry for environment protection

IV. Relations with the Press

Title: Tamnavske novine

Subject: Various

Type              Circulation      Time period                  Frequency                     Initiative           Satisfaction level

Magazine            Local            1/1999-                      monthly                      Common                Moderate

Future plans

Cooperation with daily press

V. Relations with Mass Media

Title: Radio Valjevo

Subject: various

Type               Range         Time period                  Frequency                     Initiative           Satisfaction level

Radio                Local            1/1990-                     quarterly                      Common               Moderate

Future plans

Cooperation with radio Belgrade and TV Valjevo

VI. Relations with others ENGO

Name: Young researchers of Backa Topola town

Subject: education problems

Nativity                             Time period                                                  Initiative           Satisfaction level

Yes                                    1/1997-                                                     Common                  Low

Future plans

To increase the level of cooperation with  organizations on the issue of protection, conservation and rehabilitation of nature

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

Name: Municipality of Ub, fund for culture

Subject: education programs for the young members

                                   Time period                                                      Initiative           Satisfaction level

                                   1/1988-                                                           Common                Moderate

Future plans

Education programs for the young members

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO

Future plans

To publish pamphlets and educational materials