Ecology Movement of Novi Sad City

Date of interview: 11/11/2000

I. Identity of Organisation


Novi Sad Postal Code  21000 Street:  Vojvođanskih brigada 17

Tel. +38121 420-175 Fax +38121 29-096                                                         e_mail: zelenins@Eunet.yu

Contact persons: Nikola Aleksić Tel. +38121 420-175

 Speaks: English , French , German , Italian

Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 1990


Protection of environment and spiritual heritage, fighting for higher level of ecology awareness and life standard

Members and Friends

With voting right: 300Number of members/friends of whom have paid their membership fee: 300

Material Substructure

Office: Rented, Operating days: 8-14,  Operating hours: 8-14

The organisation has access to personal computer and it is mainly uses it for everyday activities, e-mail, and

There are databases in Paper and Electronic Structure

Activities Hall: yes, by wish, by need

Vehicles: there is no vehicles in our possession, but we can rent or get them by need

For the organisation are working with fee: 2 persons.

The organisation has : 5 members

For the organisation are offering voluntary work: 500 members.

Administrative board

Nikola Aleksić                                                   president

II. Activities

General Issue: Information - sensitization of the public (Environmental education,

Citizens information, Campaigns, Publishes)

Issue-Topic: Signifying of factors impacting on quality of life

From    To                                                              Issues-Topic                Prefectural

Activities - Resaults:

Organization of ten thematic lectures of public tribune with ecological, health and social issues

After 10 years ecology movement activity, administration of Novi Sad first in FRY adopted ecology as official policy

and declaration " Novi Sad - ecology direction"

General Issue: Preservation of natural way of living (Ecological, Nutrition/Diet, Use of


Issue-Topic: Diagnosis of optimal condition for healthy food production

From    To                                                              Issues-Topic                Local

Activities - Resaults:

Organization of conferences about production of healthy food with international contribution

The first conference will be organized in Novi Sad. Till now, 130 scientific papers arrived, and will be published.

General Issue: Urban environment (Land Planning, Urban planning, Traffic)

Issue-Topic: Diagnosis of factors affecting quality of urban and suburban environment and accessing possible


From    To                                                              Issues-Topic                National

Activities - Resaults:

Organized eco-conferences about EP with international participation with following issues: spheres of environment,

air, water soil and biosphere, technological aspect of problem, posters and thematic exhibitions

Monographies,  treasures of scientific and competitive cognitive are final product after symposia

Collection of proceedings is the most borrowed book in library

3 eco conferences organized on urban and suburban EP with 387 scientific and technical papers

III. Source of Information

IV. Relations with the Press

V. Relations with Mass Media

VI. Relations with others ENGO

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO