YU Center for Environment Protection of Danube River, Belgrade

Date of interview: 21/12/2000

I. Identity of Organisation


Belgrade Postal Code  11000 Street:  Takovska 43                                            webpage: http://www.defyu.org.yu

Tel. +38111 767-988 Fax                                                                                e_mail: defyu@eunet.yu

Contact persons: Bertula Mirjana Tel. +38111 3420-768

 Speaks: English , German

Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 2000


1. Increasing  level of participation of civil society in environment protection issues, 2. Scientific and research of

conditions for development in Danube river basin, 3. Increasing  level of public awareness about environment

protection and environmental oriented education

Members and Friends

With voting right: 28

Material Substructure

The organisation has access to personal computer and it is mainly uses it for It is used for everyday activities such

 is: data base, …There are databases in Paper and Electronic Structure

Administrative board

Branislav Božović                                              president

Miomir Grubin                                                   fonder

Mirjana Bartula                                                 secretary

Milica Ivović                                                     fonder

II. Activities

General Issue: Environment protection (Outvote the protection activities)

Issue-Topic: Informing and public participation in resolving the problems in connection with catastrophic

pollution of Tisa river

From      To                                                                  Issues-Topic                National

Activities - Resaults:

Informing public and all interested about the work and findings of EU Baja Mare Task Force (BMTF); Collecting and

informing from appropriate parties and transferring to EU BMTF

Established network responsible for informing general public and collecting information from local community for

Developed information model if info program which could be modified in case of similar accidents in future

Secured data and information needed for the BMTF activities

III. Source of Information

IV. Relations with the Press

V. Relations with Mass Media

VI. Relations with others ENGO

Name: 22 NGO Network member

Subject: environment protection actions

Nativity                                 Time period                                                           Initiative            Satisfaction level

Yes                                          3/2000-                                                              Common                  Perfect

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO

Title: bulletin

Type                                     Time period                                      Frequency                Way of Publication

Leaflet                                      3/2000-                                    three times a tear                         Alone