Mountaineering Society "Kablar", Cacak

Date of interview: 3/11/2000

I. Identity of Organisation


Cacak Postal Code  32000 Street:  Kneza Milosa 11

Tel. +38132 227-393 Fax +38132 227-393

Contact persons: Cane Jovanovic Tel. +38132 227-393 Speaks: English

Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 1951


To recognize and protect nature

Members and Friends

Material Substructure

Office: , Operating days: 19-21,  Operating hours: 19-21

There are databases in Paper Structure

Activities Hall: yes

Vehicles: rented

Notes: voluntary

Administrative board

Cane Jovanovic                                          president

Slobodan Milovanovic                                    vice president

Dragan Mitrovic                                          secretary

Zaklina Ruzicic                                           member

II. Activities

General Issue: Preservation of natural way of living (Ecological, Nutrition/Diet, Use of


Issue-Topic: Citizens education in healthy way of living

From    To                                                      Issues-Topic Range       Peripherial

Activities - Resaults:

Organization of great mountain race with walkers, marathon runners and cyclists (mountain bikes) as participants

Owing to wide campaign on citizens education and good organization of race every year number of participants is in increasing.

 In 1995 there were only 400 participants, but in 1999 and 2000 about 1100 from sports organization, but also citizens

III. Source of Information

Source of information: REC

Subject: International ecology organization

Time period                                       Frequency                                       Initiative          Satisfaction level

1/1998-                                           temporally                                        Theirs                Moderate

Future plans

Using Internet

IV. Relations with the Press

Title: "Cacanski glas"

Type              Circulation      Time period                  Frequency                     Initiative           Satisfaction level

Magazine            Local            1/1970-                    temporally                     Common                  High

Future plans

Publishing overview of our activities

V. Relations with Mass Media

Title: TV Cacak

Subject: environment protection

Type               Range         Time period                  Frequency                     Initiative           Satisfaction level

TV                    Local            1/1999-                    temporally                     Common               Moderate

Future plans

To make a TV program on TV Cacak, once per month

VI. Relations with others ENGO

Name: Ecology Society Cacak

Subject: Organizing VPT

Nativity                             Time period                                                  Initiative           Satisfaction level

                                        1/1999-                                                     Common                 High

Future plans

To organize collecting of secondary raw materials together with Ecology society "Cacak"

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

Name: Scout squadron

Subject: organizing VPT

                                   Time period                                                      Initiative           Satisfaction level

                                   1/1995-                                                           Common                Moderate

Future plans

Contribution with economy and enterprises

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO

Title: Posters

Type                                Time period                                 Frequency               Way of Publication

Diary, Poster, Map                   1/1995-                                     per year            In cooperation with other public

                                                                                                                      or private body

Future plans

To press monograph of our 50 th anniversary