Animal World Preservation Society LYNX

Date of interview: 19/3/2001

I. Identity of Organisation

The organisation is member of the Balkans Net


Podgorica Postal Code  81000 Street:  Bul. Revolucije 26

Tel. +38181 243-199, 069/ 078-661 Fax                                                           e_mail: markoka@cg.yu

Contact persons: 1. Čeda Ivanović-Vlahović, 2. Marko Karaman Tel. 1.) +38181 243-199, 069/ 078-661, 2.)

 +38181 253-188, 069/ 432-801

 Speaks: English , German , Italian

Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 1999


1. Launches and supports zoological and zoo-ecological exploring and protection of all animals-species, 2. Launches

 and organize printing of posters, brochures, books and other scientific, professional; and scientific-popular

publications, 3. Collects and processes scientific and professional literature, 4. Gathers scientists and professionals

for work and participation at scientific, professional and exploring projects,  5. Organize, alone or in cooperation with

 other societies and organizations, scientific meetings, councils, seminars and other presentation of results of

exploring and education, 6. Cooperates with governmental and nongovernmental organizations for EP universities,

institutes, museums of nature, professional societies in country and abroad, as well as with individuals

Members and Friends

Material Substructure

II. Activities

General Issue: Protection of the wild flora and fauna


From      To                                                                  Issues-Topic

Activities - Resaults:

Participation at the 6-th Meeting of the life-bear, Thessalonica, Greece and entering the Balkans Net association

First exploring of the dark bear population in cooperation with Balkans Net Association as a part of European Net

for Preserving Big Wild Animals

Publishing CD, containing 6 international conventions about preserving biological varieties in English and Serbian

Scientific-popular magazine "ECOGEA" was launched and the first issue was published

III. Source of Information

IV. Relations with the Press

V. Relations with Mass Media

VI. Relations with others ENGO

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO


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