Association of Ecological Societies of Montenegro

Date of interview: 19/3/2001

I. Identity of Organisation

The organisation is member of the The alliance of Montenegrin ecological societies and association


Podgorica Postal Code  81000 Street:  Vasa Raickovica 34

Tel. +38181 241-472 Fax +38181 241-472

Contact persons: 1. Velizar Velimirovic, 2. Vlatko Ostojic Tel. 1.) +38181 241-472, 2.) 381872 81-992

Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 1993


The association of Montenegrin societies is a non-political, non-government association and movements in Montenegro. The

societies and associations which are members aim to resolve issues of common interest through negotiation and agreement. The

 association unites their work and provides direction in activities covering the protection of the environment and nature

Members and Friends

Material Substructure

II. Activities

General Issue: Cooperation for environmental issues


From    To                                                               Issues-Topic Range

Activities - Resaults:

The coordination of the activities of ecological societies in the field of the protection of the environment and establish

direction, guidelines, provision of advice on joint activities on ecological issues

Education and awareness raisin of ecological ideas on the protection of nature targeted at all age groups

Cooperation with similar organizations working in these and similar fields which cover the protection of the environment

Special emphasis is given to the founding of new ecological societies and cooperating with them

III. Source of Information

IV. Relations with the Press

V. Relations with Mass Media

VI. Relations with others ENGO

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO

Title: "The waters of Pljevlja"

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