Ecological Movement of Montenegro

Date of interview: 19/3/2001

I. Identity of Organisation


Podgorica Postal Code  81000 Street:  Bul. Lenjina 11/2

Tel. +38181 225-562, 069/ 021-894 Fax +38181 224-643

Contact persons: 1. Branko Boljevic, 2. Milenko Saranovic Tel. 1.) +38181 225-562, 225-123 / ext 234, 2.) 069/


Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since


Protection of nature and its values, EP, moral and responsible relation between people and nature, preserving of the cultural and

 historic inheritance

Members and Friends

Material Substructure

III. Source of Information

IV. Relations with the Press

V. Relations with Mass Media

VI. Relations with others ENGO

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO