The "St Nicolas" Association of Fisherman and Friends of the Sea

Date of interview: 20/3/2001

I. Identity of Organisation


Budva Postal Code  85310 Street:  Sun Place 1

Tel. +38186 51-000 ext. 126, 54-017 Fax +38186 54-017

Contact persons: Marko Ivanovic Tel. +38186 51-000, 069/ 418-896 Speaks: English

Legal Status

The Organisation is Association of citizens  since 2000


The protection of the sea and all its living creatures from pollution and illegal hunting

Members and Friends

Material Substructure

II. Activities

General Issue: Information - sensitation of the public (environmental education,

citizens information, campaigns, publishes)


From    To                                                      Issues-Topic Range

Activities - Resaults:

Public informing about problems in fishing and hunting. Signifying the sea black points. Budva's harbour cleaning.

III. Source of Information

IV. Relations with the Press

V. Relations with Mass Media

VI. Relations with others ENGO

VII. Relations with Public and Private Bodies

VIII. Printed material of the ENGO