The Economics Institute is a specific and unique institution. After the integration of two major institutes - the Economic Institute of Serbia (established in 1947) and the Institute for Industrial Economics (established in 1961) - in 1989, it became the largest Yugoslav research and consulting firm, having inherited and amalgamated the best of the long and successful traditions of the two firms.




The Economics Institute operates as a joint-stock company in mixed ownership with the company majority share belonging to the professional and other staff.

Internal organization, of more than 100 professionals of different profiles (economists, business administrators, engineers, legal experts, statisticians, demographers, sociologists, mathematicians, etc), constitutes a specific matrix and project-based organization. In some cases, a certain number of large or repetitive types of projects are institutionalized into special internal centers.

Projected based organization and decentralized marketing and management functions have created a specific internal culture of the Institute which is characterized by widely spread motivation, managerial style, entrepreneurial spirit and permanent personal improvement. Having a specific structure of activities, and an approach to work, this has decisively contributed to a recognizable identity and image of the Institute.




The market driven and flexible structure of the Institute's activities covers and combines the following major segments:

n       research

n       consulting

n       training

n       publishing





Research activities are based on a multi and inter-disciplinary approach, which is consistent with the rapidly growing complexity of the economic and social environment in the contemporary world and its globalizing structure, and enables the following aspects to be properly covered:


n       economic

n       technological

n       social

n       political

n       institutional

n       managerial

n       cultural

n       humanitarian





The Institute has established a broad client base including:


n       private, public and mixed enterprises

n       banks and other financial institutions

n       various business associations

n       government bodies and agencies at all levels


Since 1991 the Economics Institute and Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu International established a long-term business cooperation, in order to provide both the domestic and international clients with comprehensive accounting and auditing, management consulting, tax and legal services.



The phenomena that are the subjects of the Institute's research activities are explored at


n       macro (national; international)

n       micro (enterprise; local)

n       sectoral or regional


All specific details could be found on the Internet site: http://www.ecinst.org.yu


Economics Institute. Center for Environmental Studies 

11.000 Belgrade

Srpskih Vladara str. 16

Tel. ++ 381 11 361 30 47

Fax. ++ 381 11 361 34 67


Members of the Team


Prof. Dr Milorad Filipovic, team leader. E-mail: miloradf@EUnet.yu

Dr Zoran Njegovan, coordinator. E-mail: drznj@yubc.net

Miroslav Spasojevic. E-mail: smiroslav@yahoo.com

Jelena Ucek

Vera Ilic

Snezana Stojanovic

Mila Marinkovic

Maja Radovanovic

Jelena Galic