Goulandris Museum of Natural History
Greek Biotope / Wetland Center (EKVY)
Hellenic Boy Scouts Force (SEP)
Hellenic Center of Legal Environment Protection (EL.ΚΕ.ΝΟ.P.P.)
Information Center for the Vistonida Lake
Information Center of the Nestos Delta
Information Center for the Aliakmonas, Loudias, Axios and Gallikos Delta and Kitros Saltpan
Information Center for Koronia-Volvi Wetland
Information Center for the Coastal Zone of Strymonikos Gulf
Information Center of Prespes
Information and Research Center of Amvrakikos - Natural History Museum of Amvrakikos Gulf
Information and Research Center for Amvrakikos Gulf
Research Station of Gerakas Alonnissou
National Marine Park of Zakynthos
Information Center for the Messolongi and Etoliko Lagoon
Information Center of Kotychi-Strofylia
Panhellenic Union Educators for Environmental Education
Polis - International Network in Environmental Education
National Center of Environment and Sustainable Development (Overseen by the Minister of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works)