Women Pharmacists: The impact of crisis upon a ‘female’ profession

Work-life balance issues have not been yet thoroughly researched in Greece. A similar lack exists in research about women pharmacists, a profession traditionally considered as “female”, because of a suitable working hours and conditions allowing for a smooth balance between work and family life. So far, research was lacking about the pathways leading Greek women to following studies in Pharmacy and adopting such a profession, as well as about the upheavals in their profession during the economic crisis. Our research has shown that women pharmacists are in a constant search for balance between family and profession, and therefore they feel unable to satisfactorily respond to any of their roles. Frustration and professional depreciation leads to a pessimistic view about their future. Economic crisis has imposed transformation with major psychological, social and value-related changes in their lives.

  • ΣΥΓΓΡΑΦΕIΣ: Stratoudaki, H.
  • YEAR: 2018
  • TYPE:
  • LANGUAGE: Greek
  • REFERENCE: Stratoudaki, H. (2018). Women Pharmacists: The impact of crisis upon a ‘female’ profession. Paper presented at the 6th Congress of the Hellenic Sociological Society “Sociology and its Public Role in an Era of the Transformation of the World” (29 -30 March 2018)