eLearning platform for those interested to enroll to European Universities (Belgium, Italy, Finland, Greece)

MaxiPAC, acronym for ‘Maximizing Previously Acquired Competences’, is a project that aims to maximize previously acquired competences (degrees and experience) of third-country nationals including refugees into the European higher educational system.

This platform gives a uniform and accessible procedure and also the opportunity to Third Country Nationals(TCNs)  to take some lessons for  better understanding of all the procedures they have follow in order to enroll into universities of Belgium,  Italy,  Finland and Greece.

The usage of digital technologies to support the learning process of students is in the front line of  innovation these days: new digital learning technologies are invented daily, as technology evolves rapidly.

Alongside with the technical aspect of e-learning capabilities, there is an important innovation aspect to the educational approach on how to use these technologies in a learning context in order Third Country Nationals(TCNs) including refugees to overcome the obstacles into higher education. Since many refugees do speak English and but not the local national language, eLearning can offer a solution. 

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