Combating Discrimination in the Field of Entrepreneurship: Women and young Roma and muslim immigrants

Main Objectives

  1. The main aim of the project is to disseminate information on the protection against discrimination, but also to contribute to the creation of anti-discrimination reflexes in society. The aim is also to document the existing situation, the current perceptions and attitudes (e.g. discriminations) regarding the position of female and young Roma and Muslim immigrants in the labour market and to draw some conclusions for the facilitation of their access to it, but also their further development.
  2. Another important point is that attempts are made through this programme to bring in contact public authorities and the specific groups that face discrimination, decreasing the communication gap between them. Also, this proposal aims to identify good practices, dissemination of information on the principle of equal treatment, mobilization of stakeholders, and campaigns targeting the groups that face discrimination.
  3. A strong point is also the use of both qualititative and quantitative methods in order to identify the exact level of discrimination that the target groups face. Entrepreneurship is another key point for the proposal, since it is promoted as a tool for the integration of the target groups in the labour market and in the society as a whole


National Center for Social Research – EKKE
Greek Ombudsman – GO
Manpower Employment Organisation – OAED
Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development – ADEP SA

Time frame & Funding

30/03/2012 – 30/03/2014

European Commission – Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Working Packages

Action 1: Greek Ombudsman’s activities for sensitization, monitoring and mediation for combating discrimination in the field.

  • 1.1. Production of leaflets describing the discrimination grounds covered by the Ombudsman’s office and the remedy it offers.
  • 1.2. Organisation of public information days on anti-discrimination legislation.
  • 1.3. Multicultural integration informational guidebook targeting diverse public administration officers.
  • 1.4. National event on Roma inclusion, with the participation of FRA and Equinet specialised members.
  • 1.5. Integrated interventions on Roma hot –spots. Investigations, administration seminars and Promotion of good practices on Roma issues in regions of special Roma concern.
  • 1.6. Update of Greek Ombudsman internet resources for Roma integration issues.

Action 2: Qualitative and quantitative research on women, young Roma and muslim immigrants.

  • 2.1. Literature review: policies and best practices.
  • 2.2.Discrimination against vulnerable social groups: Field research A) Sample of 250 Roma, residing in Athens and Patras, B) Sample of 250 Muslim immigrants, residing in Athens and Patras, C) Qualitative research with in-depth interviews with special cases of entrepreneurs – freelancers.
  • 2.3. Discrimination against vulnerable social groups: Qualitative research through focus groups with stakeholders.
  • 2.4. Reform Actions of the vocational training programs of EPA.S (Professional Apprenticeship Schools) of the Manpower Employment Organisation.

Action 3: Dissemination Actions.

  • 3.1. Dissemination actions: Organization of conference, Publication of book on discrimination
Action 4: External evaluation.