Politicians, technocrats and public officials as privatisation actors in Greece: asociological account

The historical review traces the types of political actors who promoted privatisation
since the mid-1990s, emphasising the role of technopols—economists who have built their careers at the intersection
of university, economic policy and private companies. Multiple correspondence analysis is applied to datasets
containing socio-professional information on key politico-administrative actors and managers working for agencies
implementing privatisations. The results suggest that the field of privatisation policies is structured around an
opposition between partisan worlds that is objectively close to trade unions and social movements and an alliance
between EU officials and corporate economists, while technopols still play an intermediary role between European
economic orthodoxy and domestic economic governance.

  • ΣΥΓΓΡΑΦΕIΣ: Nicos Souliotis
  • YEAR: 2020
  • TYPE: Papers published in refereed journals
  • LANGUAGE: English