The Laboratory on Gender Research is one of the basic research units of the Institute. It aims at conducting research and developing infrastructures in the field of gender relations and policies. Basic target of the laboratory is the theoretical and empirical investigation of public policies, as well as the unravelling of the social, political, economic and cultural parameters underlying gender inequalities and discrimination.

Scientific Areas covered by the Laboratory:

  • Women and Employment
  • Women Research and Science
  • Women and Politics
  • Women, History and Memory
  • Women and Family
  • Women and Immigration
  • Women Crime and Prison
  • Women and Violence
  • Women and Social Policy
  • Women and Gender Equality
  • Women and Crisis
  • Women and Education
  • Women and Technology

Laboratory Activities:

  • Surveys
  • Networks
  • Databases
  • Publications
  • Bibliographies
  • Conferences - Workshops

Scientific Objectives of the Laboratory:

  • Development of specialized studies and surveys on selected fields (eg sub-representation, gender violence, multiple discrimination, etc.).
  • Developing methodologies and tools for monitoring and controlling the gender dimension in public policies.
  • Collection of the existing research output of EKKE and its exploitation through publications, conferences, announcements on the site and in the Workshop leaflet, as well as for the preparation of new research projects.
  • Collection of reliable statistical data and gender indicators in collaboration with the EIGE (European Institute of Gender Equality) and the EKKE Social Data Bank.
  • Creation of thematic databases - documentation in the research fields of the laboratory.
  • Promoting comparative research between Greece and other countries, focusing on the European research area and networking and collaborative development.
  • Creating a specialized website and an electronic newspaper.
  • Organizing scientific meetings to exchange research experiences and data.
  • Publication of the work of the workshop through publications etc.