Institute of Political Research

Through basic and applied research and the combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, the object of the Institute for Political Research is the study of "traditional" areas of Political Sociology and Political Science (political behavior, political participation, parties, pressure groups, etc.), but also dealing with issues that concern the contemporary discussion (politics of identity, politics of difference, politics of representation, etc.).

The objective of the Institute for Political Research is to function: a) as a hub for the promotion of political-sociological research in addition to the established research units of the Universities, b) as a field connecting the empirical research policy with the policy-making, documentation and exercise of public policies.

Through the conduct of large-scale empirical research and the creation of open access databases, it contributes significantly to the implementation of the strategy of the Single Higher Education and Research Area in the fields of Political Science and Political Sociology, adding value to the entire political community and social scientists of the country.