EKKE’s Institute of Social Research is active in the following areas:

  • Social and Economic Inequalities, Social Cohesion Policies, Values, Attitudes, Behaviors, Problems and Needs of Vulnerable Social Groups, Demographic Trends, Labor Market, Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship, Family and Employment, Gender Issues and Policies, Identity and Memory, Immigration, Xenophobia and Racism. 
  • Political and Social Institutions, Political Parties and Personnel, Government Policies and Public Administration, Information Society, the Medias and Politics, Electoral Sociology and Geography, Political Culture, Nationalisms and National Identity, Social Exclusion, Social Cohesion, Cultural Identity, Cultural Consumption,  Management of Cultural Resources.
  • Urban Social Geography, Rural Society and Social Exclusion in Rural Areas, Family Farming, Agricultural Restructuring and Employment, Environment and Environmental Organizations, Tourism and its Social Consequences.