Students Internship

1. EKKE will welcome students and college students from Greece or abroad, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, from all fields of the social sciences, to practice internships to gain experience in the field of social research. Particularly:

  • a. EKKE participates in the Network of Certified Practitioners.
  • b. Practical training of students is carried out in cooperation with the educational institutions with which cooperation agreements have been concluded.
  • c. In the research activities of EKKE, postgraduate students can participate in their internships as long as their subject matter and scientific interests are related to the research activities of EKKE.
  • d. It is possible to welcome undergraduate or postgraduate students from foreign educational institutions to conduct their internships at EKKE within the framework of European educational programs supporting this mobility.

2. The EKKE Administrative Council approves the possibility of traineeship, upon submission of the application and the supporting documents of the interested persons, on the basic criterion of the relevance of the subject of their studies to the purpose and mission of EKKE.

3. By the decision of paragraph 2 of this article, a member of the research staff of EKKE, who is entrusted with the supervision and responsibility of the traineeship, is appointed. The traineeship agreement provides for the conditions of its conduct as well as the obligations of the parties involved. Internship on a traineeship does not conceal a contract of employment, hiring a work or providing independent services, and no payment or any other insurance or other costs may be paid by EKKE, in any case any existing specific provisions apply.

4. The place of accommodation of EKKE is defined as the place of supervision and practice, subject to a special, reasoned decision of the Board of Directors.

5. The timetable of the traineeship is determined by the supervisors, within the hours of operation of the EKKE and according to the provisions of the contract of paragraph 3 of this article. Extension of the traineeship is only allowed for the completion of an unrealized part of the course in the event of unsuccessful student inability.

6. The conduct of the internship is regulated by a decision of the Administrative Council of EKKE and is coordinated by the trainee supervisor, who is appointed by decision for a two-year term.

7. In order to cope with the "brain drain" abroad and to assist them, new social scientists may, on their request, volunteerly provide EKKE with scientific work in the framework of the implementation of research programs in order to obtain research and professional experience. Of this cooperation, EKKE does not undertake any obligation to pay or cover social security contributions. Applications are accepted provided the persons concerned have taken care of their insurance covered.