Scientific Info & Publications Directorate

Director: Konstantina Dimou
Tel.: +30 2107491604 

The National Centre for Social Research continues its publishing activity since 1962. The publishing strategy of EKKE goes hand in hand with its wider research strategy.

The Scientific Information and Publications Directorate constitutes a bridge between   EKKE’s scientific activity and the specific community as well as in general the wider public.
The Directorate promulgates EKKE’s scientific activity with a variety of publications (books, The Greek Review of Social Research, Working Papers, Studies). 

One of the key concerns of  EKKE is the periodic publication of the Greek Review of Social Research. It constitutes a step of free expression of the scientific tendencies in our country. It accommodates a considerable number of theoretical explorations and research efforts in the entire range of social sciences.
It has been the connecting ring between the different branches of social sciences that are continuously becoming autonomous.

The Library of EKKE belongs to the Directorate. It was established in 1959, at the same time that EKKE was established under the auspices of UNESCO. The Library plays an important supportive role in covering the bibliographical needs of EKKE researchers as well as those of the entire scientific community. It contains about 42.000 book titles, 350 journal titles, statistical publications of the National Statistical Service of Greece, etc.


  • Publications Department. Executive: C. Savva
  • Dissemination Department. Executive: 
  • Library Executive: K. Dimou


National Centre for Social Research
Sientific Information and Publications Directorate
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Secretariat of the Directorate
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Editing Secretariat of the Greek Review of Social Research
Caterina Savva (Executive)
Tel.: +30 2107491707

Book Sales
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Konstantina Dimou (Executive)
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