EKKE seeks the continuous interaction between education and research in an effective way by systematically utilizing the legally provided synergies of the single space of research and education. Participates in undergraduate and sometimes postgraduate education programs for social sciences students as well as in postgraduate and doctoral programs which are carried out jointly with the departments of social sciences and have an interdisciplinary and inter-university character.

The EKKE hosts domestic or foreign doctoral candidates in order to prepare all or part of their doctoral research as "guest doctoral researchers" and is supervised by researchers of the Center in collaboration with the academic staff of the country or abroad.

EKKE researchers regularly participate in the three-member and / or expanded dissertation support committees. In addition, based on N4386 / 2016, they undertake the supervision of postdoctoral students. EKKE, by actively and systematically participating in the development of the academic community, contributes effectively and productively to the co-formation of the unified space of research and education, making the Center a nursery for young researchers.