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Alex Afouxenidis, Petros Petridis, Michalis Petrou, Karolos Kavoulakos

Far-Right Social Media: Exploring political and cultural activism

This book studies the socio-political and cultural dimensions of far-right discourse on social media. It was not written as the last word on the theory, method and research practice of this issue. But we attempt, and wish, to provide a basis for further collaboration and exchange of arguments about this complex phenomenon.

The investigation of the far-right is not a new task as there are multiple excellent approaches, theoretical elaborations and empirical research on the phenomenon. However, far-right discourse and online activism are relatively new, unexplored fields. Their exploration contributes to our understanding of far-right politics and strategy, online implementation, the digital forms of action and communication used and, finally, the rallying of the far-right at the domestic and international levels.

We hope that this book will deepen the culture of collegiality and collaboration, as we believe that cooperation between not only researchers but also actors from the wider community as well as anti-fascist movements is particularly important in addressing neo-fascist activism

  • AUTHOR: Alex Afouxenidis, Petros Petridis, Michalis Petrou, Karolos Kavoulakos
  • YEAR: 2021
  • A` ΕΚΔΟΣΗ: 2021
  • PAGES: 156
  • ISBN / ISSN: 978-960-6834-44-8
  • DOI:
  • TYPE: Digital & Printed Book