The first newsletter of the flagship action JustReDI


The first newsletter of the flagship action JustReDI [Resilience, Inclusion and Development: Towards a Just Green and Digital Transition of the Greek Regions] funded by the Greece 2.0 program NATIONAL RECOVERY AND RESILIENCE PLAN has been published.

The newsletter is entitled: "Climate Crisis and Green Transition" and was released on the occasion of the dialogue forum that took place in Kozani in the context of the publicity of the Action, in which additional publicity actions are foreseen in the near future.


The JustReDI Action focuses on (a) evaluating the current situation in Greece, (b) recording opinions, attitudes, value orientations and behavioral predispositions of both the general public and individual social groups, (c) providing technological solutions and tools that support policy proposals (data driven policy making), and (d) in the contents of public policies regarding the positive and negative impacts of transitions: on individuals and households in businesses and the economy in general in processes of planning and implementation of sectoral policies, so that the digital transformation and the green transition can be achieved in terms of equity, resilience, sustainable development and social inclusion.