Public Discourse Observatory – Check4Facts


PUBLIC DISCOURSE OBSERVATORY is a pilot project that combines machine learning, investigative journalism and social research techniques to address and examine public discourse that comes from members of parliament as well as members of the Greek government, or even non-elected political personnel. The project examines two particularly important thematic sections of political discourse: (a) that of the immigration / refugee issue, and (b) that of crime, topics that are often linked to and characterized by a remarkable duration and presence in the public sphere. The detachment of citizens from the political system, distrust toward experts, and the view of politics as a game of power / strategy nurture what is called "attention economy" and make us claim our attention through neuromarketing and propaganda practices affecting emotions and our behaviors. The project explicitly opposes what is called "technological solutionism", i.e. the idea that technology is a “panacea” for dealing with fake news, adopting a holistic and multifaceted approach to the issue of post-truth. See more about the project ...