Directorate of Research Support

Directorate of Research Support

Director: (This position is currently vacant) 
Tel. +30 210 7491654 


The basic fields of activity of the Directorate are the following:

  •  Methodological and technical support of EKKE research
  •  Development of the Social Data Bank and indices
  •  Research aimed towards the development of data processing methods and tools
  •  Promotion of EKKE research projects and results (Liaison Office)
  •  Research Infrastructures

The research strategy of the specific organization is set based on specific strategy axes:

  • The systematic research, observation and record of the relevant procedures.
  • The development of substructures, semantic frames, methods and techniques that ensure the accumulation of the observations, as well as their diffusion to other organizations of analysis and policymaking.
  • The systematic collaboration of the organizations activated on the social research as producers or as consumers of data (universities, various levels of the local administration, public and private sector etc)
  • The existence of strategy nodes of coordination.

The main axes of the strategy adopted by the organization today, are the following:

  •  Development of Research Infrastructures.
  •  Information society, technology, new forms of communication and formation of social cohesion


  • Frentzou Cristina, Informatician, tel. 210-7491654,
  • tel. 210-7491688