Training of members of the "Local-Oral History Group of Agios Konstantinos Fthiotida".

This is a research seminar which aims at the educational training of the members of the "Local-Oral History Group of Agios Konstantinos Fthiotida". It is related to the formation of a voluntary group, which is a collective process, since the participants, as a community, undertake the task of recording, storing and highlighting the historical facts of St. Constantine through a) the concentration of any kind of local or general interest documentary material and b) the interviewing process of life narration stories.This attempt aspires to preserve, transfer the individual and collective memory and act as a bridge between the older and the younger generations throughout the range of the local community (citizens, tourists, the educational community, philosophers, etc.).The aim of the Seminar is to introduce the theoretical, methodological and practical training of the group members, so as to highlight aspects of local history and to mark the "unknown person", namely the everyday person who did not pass through the official narrations of history but it has acted within history.


  • FUNDING CATEGORY: Funded by own resources
  • YEAR START: 2012