EL-GBV Survey

EL-GBV Survey


Context of the research

The European Commission, together with Member States and other EU institutions, has recognised the need to gather more and better information to improve policy responses to gender-based violence. The Council and the European Parliament have also repeatedly called on the European Commission to collect reliable data on gender-based violence.

On May 11, 2011, the Council of Europe adopted the Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, known as the "Istanbul Convention," which entered into force on August 1, 2014. Intergovernmental bodies, including the United Nations General Assembly, have on many occasions affirmed that the collection and improvement of statistics on violence against women are crucial to its elimination and have commissioned work on this issue.

This study addresses gender-based violence against women and other forms of interpersonal violence (EU-GBV) in Greece. The overall objective of the GBV survey is to capture and quantify the prevalence of specific forms of violence experienced by women in Greece within a given time period, such as in the recent past (i.e., in the last 12 months) and/or during their lifetime. The aim of this survey is to produce comprehensive, high-quality, and reliable statistics that serve as a basis for developing policies that ultimately aim to eliminate violence against women and address gender inequalities. 

Purpose of the research

This study aims to fulfil the overall goals, themes, and priorities of the EU-GBV against women survey and to fill a major statistical gap highlighted by the European Commission and the United Nations.

Results and impact of the research

The expected outcome of the project is very high for the target groups involved in this project. The general target group of this project is women, which consists of several subgroups of women that vary by age, education, employment, nationality, etc. The broader target group of women will benefit from interventions developed based on the results of the EL-GBV survey. In the short term, the project will help raise public awareness by revealing the scope, dimensions, and correlates of violence against women. In the medium term, the relevant central government organization(s) and civil society organizations will be able to propose targeted gender-based interventions to address violence against women based on the GBV survey data and indicators. In the long term, all stakeholders concerned will improve their capacity not only to monitor trends in violence against women, but also to assess/evaluate the impact of relevant interventions to address violence against women. All in all, GBV-related interventions are expected to change attitudes and cultural patterns in Greek society.

Through this project, Greece will have relevant and reliable statistics and indicators on violence against women, which is important for understanding the country's current situation in this area. Therefore, the procedures and capacities of relevant gender policies will be significantly improved, while the impact of the GBV survey on the pursuit of evidence-based gender policies to alleviate violence against women and improve gender equality will be immense.

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  • BUDGET: 1.179.277,57
  • SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR: Apostolos G. Papadopoulos
  • PROJECT TEAM: [Project Coordinators]: Apostolos Linardis, George Papadoudis, Antoinnetta Capella, Dimitra Kondyli, Andromachi Hadjiyanni. [EKKE Team members]: Ioanna Tsigkanou, Theoni Stathopoulou, Giorgos Kandylis, Emmanouil Chrysakis, Natalia Spyropoulou, Olga Papaliou, Olga Tsakiridi, Ioanna Papathanasiou, Olympia Selekou, Ersi Zakopoulou, Christina Varouxi, Nikolaos Bouzas, Amalia Fragkiskou, Angelos Tramountanis, Gkortsos Konstantinos, Michalis Petrou, Stavros Spyrellis, Maria Kakepaki, Charalampos Tsekeris, Nikolaos Souliotis, Georgios Bithymitris, Aikaterini Vezyrgianni, Pavlos Baltas, Fereniki Vatavali, Sarris Nikolaos, Iliou Aikaterini, Evangelos Karanikas, Christos Papalymperis, Alexandra Theofili, Giannis Thanos. [External Team Members]: Papargyris Antonios, Staikos Christos, Diktapanidis Panagiotis, Zemperidou Maria, Katsiouris Ilias, Lefkaditi Vasiliki, Manakos Konstantinos, Oikonomakis Leonidas, Tekirdalis Georgios, Charalampopoulos Athanasios, Daskalou Konstantinos, Karamagkiola Eleni, Skopelitis Emmanouil, Nisiotis Konstantinos, Papadatos Panagiotis, Markakis Ioannis, Fragkoulis Konstantinos, Athanasiou Panagiotis, Georgiadis Thomas, Manios Georgios, Mastoris Nikolaos, Papadogiannaki Vasileia, Tsapraili Efthalia, Fratsea Loukia Maria, Charalampopoulou Eirini, Evangelos Liotzis.
  • YEAR START: 2021-01

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